Different care plans

There is a difference between an administrative and educational care plan. During the training is often a teaching care plan where you justify the measures you propose. When you justify, you practice using academic material relevant to the plan.

An administrative care plan used to manage the care of a particular user. It often consists of the categories where you can insert the relevant information. Here is an example of this.

DateIssues / needsResourcesMeasureMeasuresReport and evaluation

During the training, you need to train yourself in writing care plans. You can be based on a user you meet in-depth study projects (you must synonymize - remember confidentiality), or can be based on a described situation, a so-called case.

Since there is no way to evaluate the process in an imaginary plane, contains a teaching care plan that replaces a column this. You should explain the measures you propose, based on scientific knowledge that you acquire during the training. Below is an example of this.
DateIssues / needsResourcesMeasureReason for action

There are various measures, nursing and care plans in nursing and care services, but the content and way of thinking are common to all, and the plan can be used in other situations where a user gets help.
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